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DEs Moines Low Brass Day 6

Des Moines LOW BRASS DAY is an annual music education event hosted by The DMLBT (Casey Maday, Bill Mann, Matt Halbert and Bo Atlas). Students are coached on brass techniques that will improve their music making, sound production, breathing, ensemble playing, and practice techniques. The day features performances and masterclasses led by the faculty trio, as well as group rehearsals, and much more.

The day culminates with a performance by the combined student ensemble.

All students will be provided with FREE tickets to the Des Moines Symphony Concert. This is an educational opportunity you CANNOT MISS!


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Low Brass Day FAQs


Where does the camp take place?

Drake University’s Harmon Fine Arts Center is located at: 

2505 Carpenter Ave, Des Moines, IA 50311, USA.

Parking is free on 25th street. 

What time do I need to arrive?

Dates for our Fall 2019 Low Brass Day are TBD

How do I pay for the camp?

1) cash 

2) check made out to Bo Atlas

What should I bring?

1) Your instrument and a willingness to learn. 

2) A notebook and a pencil/pen. If you don’t have one, buy one….this is now your practice journal. 

3) Any music you are currently working on that you would like to improve. 

4) A lunch and any snacks you might like. This will be a long day of high intensity music making! There will be breaks throughout the day for snacking. Please avoid bringing tree nuts. 

5) Questions for the faculty trio. 

Do I need to bring a lunch?

YES! Please avoid bringing any tree nuts.


What time should I get picked up after the camp?

Parents are invited to the faculty and student ensemble recital in Sheslow Auditorium at 4pm. If they cannot come to the recital, please have them arrive by 4:30pm. 


Due to an update in the Civic Center ticketing policy, a DMSO Symphony ticket will now be required to enter the building. 

All students will receive a complementary ticket to the symphony concert provided by the DMSO. 


Parents that wish to accompany their student to the symphony concert can purchase tickets on Saturday at the box office. Simply present your student’s comp ticket to the box office and you will be seated together. 


Thank You for signing up for DMLBD!

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